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Fanøy Island Lodge is run by the local tourism company Norway Adventures, which has over 15 years of experience in tailoring tours in Norway as well as guiding outdoor activities. We love the wild nature in Norway, from fjords to mountains and want to share this with you.

Fanøy Island Lodge is our first and only accommodation and we opened to visitors in the spring of 2023 after extensive refurbishment. At the time, the accommodation had been inactive for 10 years and the current owners wanted to facilitate more visits and activities on this beautiful island.

In addition to individual bookings, we offer company and group trips to Fanøy Island Lodge, with organized activities and access to meeting rooms. Please contact us for an offer.

Are you a local with an idea?

Are you from the area and interested in making the stay at Fanøy Island Lodge even better for our guests? We are interested in hearing from you! Perhaps you want to serve as a part time host for the lodge itself, clean, changing sheets and greeting people? Great! Send us a message and tell us a little about yourself. Maybe you want to host fishing trips in your boat, hold yoga sessions or perhaps offer cooking lessons? There are so many possibilities! We want to hear your idea. Use the form and send us a message.

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